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Table 2 Examples of biomedical apps classified under “Structure builder and viewer ”

From: The world of biomedical apps: their uses, limitations, and potential

App name OS Description App type Hardware
Atomdroid Android Include molecular viewer and builder functions for geometry optimization and Monte Carlo simulation for small molecules Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
iMolecule Builder iOS Support formats from PDB, Sybyl and Crystallographic information. Visualize and build 3D molecules from scratch Native (Comp Lab) None
iProtein iOS Provide access to PDB and Swiss- Prot, RefSeq, Ensembl, etc. Support accurate homology modeling by generating protein structural models Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
PocketMDS iOS Perform molecular dynamics simulation of Lennard-Jones fluids Native (Comp Lab) None
Yasaraa Android Support graphics, molecular modeling and docking Native (Comp Lab) None
Molecular Dynamics Android Perform molecular dynamics simulation of particle motions and thermal changes of the molecular systems Native (Comp Lab) None
3D-Molecule View Android Built on top of jmol librabry and support multiple input formats to visualize 3D molecular structure Native (Comp Lab) None
Ball&Stick iOS Support visualization and local storage of input from PDB Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
Biochemistry Mnemonics Android Provide an interface of the Protein Data Bank to visualize or inspect protein structures in 3D or 2D. Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
iMolview Lite Android & iOS Browse and view 3D protein and DNA structures Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
NDKmol - molecular viewer Android View three dimensional structures of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules Native (Comp Lab) None
PDB Xplorer Android Visualize 3D structures of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules Native (Comp Lab) None
Pymol iOS Display proteins, nucleic acids, and other chemical structures, Support formats including pdb, sdf, mol2, pse, etc. Native (Comp Lab) None
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