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Table 7 Examples of biomedical apps classified under “Database”

From: The world of biomedical apps: their uses, limitations, and potential

App name OS Description App type Hardware
ATG Sequence Search Android Enables DNA and Protein sequence queries from National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
Atom 3D Android Provide access to the mnemonics database for filtering and editing mnemonics of particular subjects Native (Comp Lab) None
Harmonizome Android Integrate various databases & online resources Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
iOncology Android Provide access to database of enzymatic and cell-based data of several gene families Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
Mentha the interactome browser Android Analysis of selected proteins in the context of a network of interactions. Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
RCSB PDB Mobileb Android & iOS Provide access to RCSB PDB resources Hybrid (Reference/learning) None
SimGene Android Provide up to date, cross reference and integrated genome browser information Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
PSICQUIC Client Android Provide access to the molecular interaction data repository Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
BioGPS iOS Browse gene information Hybrid (Comp Lab and Reference/Learning) None
FlyExpressa iOS Explore gene expression patterns from Fruit Fly embryogenesis Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
Yeast Genome iOS Browse genes and fundamental chromosomal features of Saccharomyces cerevisae Hybrid (Comp Lab) None
iSpartan iOS Provide atomic and molecular properties, NMR and infra spectra, molecular orbitals and electrostatic potential map Model 3D structure of small molecules and estimate energies for alternate conformers Hybrid (Comp Lab and Reference/Learning) None
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