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Table 8 Examples of biomedical apps classified under “Others”

From: The world of biomedical apps: their uses, limitations, and potential

App name OS Description App type Hardware
ForSight - Mutation Predictor Android Generates mutation rules from wild-type and mutant sequences to predict subsequent sequence based on the rule applied Native (Expt Lab) None
Mass Spectrometry Peaks Android Calculation of chemical formula from exact mass measured in mass spectrometry. Suited for instant identification of metabolites (small molecules) in non-targeted (open) metabolomics approaches Native (Expt Lab) None
  1. Expt/Comp Lab = Experimental/Computational lab
  2. Only apps from Google Play Store and Apple App Store are shown. “Expt” and “Comp” lab classifications based on their functions towards experimental lab processes. Classifications of native and hybrid apps are defined according to Salesforce. (see,_HTML5,_or_Hybrid:_Understanding_Your_Mobile_Application_Development_Options).